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San Angelo Radio Stations have been broadcasting music, news, weather, and business information to the people of West Texas since 1926. San Angelo has a rich heritage of local radio broadcasting that listeners have enjoyed, and advertisers have used successfully, for almost 90 years. The San Angelo, Texas radio dial is still active with quality Radio Stations. The average San Angelo, Texas radio listener has access to wide variety of choices of local radio signals. Every week, 93% of consumers LISTEN to LOCAL RADIO.

With a 2014 population of just over 100,000 people, historic San Angelo is the principal city of West Central Texas. San Angelo is the county seat of Tom Green County and situated on the junction of the North Concho River and South Concho River, that form the Concho River, a tributary of the Colorado River.


San Angelo Radio offers many opportunities for your business to maximize the return on investment in advertising and promotions, including:
  • Spot Radio Advertising
  • Radio Program Sponsorships
  • On-air Radio Promotions
  • Radio Event Marketing
  • Live On-site Broadcasting
  • Online Marketing and Promotions
  • Integrated Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions
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      Local Radio is Still #1 Music Listening Source  
Despite an abundance of new media alternatives, such as iPods, Satellite Radio, and Internet Radio, a recent survey of Internet users (presumably a more tech savy group than the general population) by the NPD Group noted that; for penetration, a substantially higher number of consumers still listen to music on regular local AM/FM radio, more times per week, than any other method. 

Some folks say radio listening is declining due to more options in available media. But, the data tells a different story. FACTS clearly show Radio listenership is actually growing. Over 95% of adults 18+ listen to Local Broadcast Radio an average of 20 hours per week, or five times the hours spent listening to other forms of recorded music.
The FACTS prove that MORE people STILL listen to music on their Local AM/FM Radio than from any other available Source

image: Chart showing Hw People Listen to Music
image: Chart Shows Local Radio  Dominates listening at work over Internet
Radio is the MOST TRUSTED portable advertising medium

San Angelo Radio engages consumers in a very personal way, since listeners generally are invested into a trust relationship with local on-air personalities in a way other media choices simply do not have. Radio’s strong local presence and lower cost-per-thousand, when compared with other media, also adds to its efficiency in achieving the goals of local advertisers. Radio's assets can help build a bridge of confidence between local businesses and consumers.
Even in this new digital age, people STILL take their local radio stations with them everywhere: in their car, to their office. Despite a substantial increase in the ownership of portable MP3 devices, such as the Apple i-Pod, radio listening is still the most desired additional use for portable MP3 players (According to a recent research study by Ipsos Insight).

According to a recent national survey of 3,000 Adults 18+ on “where people discover music,” by survey giant “Nielsen”, Local Radio is still the dominant way people discover music

  •  48% of Persons 18+ discover music most often through their LOCAL Radio Stations
  •  47% have local radio apps on their smartphones
  •  10% discover music most often through friends/relatives
  •    7% discover music most often through YouTube
    New Consumer Media Usage Study

    AD AGE has published an interesting study by Magid Generational Strategies that breaks down who's using what media at what time of day. Check out the WHY RADIO? Page of our website for a detailed infographic from AD AGE that shows consumer media usage by generation and day-part.
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    Advantageto Local Radio Advertising 

    Local Advertisers in San Angelo are learning how Radio reaches Consumers 7AM-7PM during Peak Consumer Buying Hours, versus Local Broadcast TV, where peak viewing hours occur in the evening, from 8-10 PM, when consumers are much less likely to be making purchase decisions.
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    FACTS show: “Consumers Prefer Local FM/AM Radio”
    While other media, such as Online and TV, have fragmented audience usage; LOCAL BROADCAST RADIO (FM/AM) has retained its historical percentage of consumers media consumption. Consumers choose Local Broadcast Radio (FM/AM) as their primary media source for an average of 2.3 hours per day. Consumers TRUST their LOCAL RADIO stations to deliver entertaining media content, including commercial announcements, which is relevent to their daily lives.
    The Simple FACT is that in a dynamic and evolving market, NO other Media Choice has retained Consumer Attention (and Loyalty) like Local Broadcast Radio has; Period.
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