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In San Angelo, Radio Advertising can be the most effective, and economical, method of attracting customers to your business. Several factors combine to determine Radio Advertising Rates and Ad Prices. Among these factors are the length of your Radio Commercial (ie: 30 seconds vs. 60 seconds), the number of times it is broadcast per day (called 'frequency') and actual Time of Day (called 'daypart') when your Radio Commercial is Broadcast. San Angelo area businesses who advertise on radio appreciate the ability of San Angelo Radio Stations to target an audience and offer enough repetition, at attractive rates, to make local radio broadcasting an effective and economical advertising medium.
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Advertising rates are typically quoted for each commercial, broadcast one time. Sometimes special "package rates" are available. Seasonal factors, drive-time only ads, and volume discounts can also affect pricing. Contact Us at San Angelo Radio to discuss your business advertising needs with a Professional Radio Advertising Representative who will first, listen to your needs; and only then, provide you with an exact quote on radio advertising and current rates.

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When you Contact Us, be sure to let us know that you are specifically responding to SanAngeloRadio, and we'll not only answer your questions about local Radio Advertising, but also share with you information about special pricing offers we developed for prospective new clients of SanAngeloRadio.
Radio Advertising - BEST PRACTICES
Trust SanAngeloRadio for a Variety of Integrated Media Marketing Solutions
Local business owners wanting to advertise on San Angelo Radio need to become familiar with radio advertising terms and 'best practices' before committing money to a radio avertising campaign. It's also best to write down your estimated budget range, desired customer profiles, business needs and financial goals, in order to communicate them clearly with your San Angelo Radio Advertising Professional Sales Representative. “Failure to Plan” often translates into “Planning to Fail.”

Generally speaking, it is best to NOT advertise on the radio for fewer than four weeks, unless your business requires a highly intensive ad campaign for a specific product price discount and/or special event which covers less than one week. Numerous Advertising Effectiveness Studies have demonstrated that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message at least three times (3x) for the information to begin to penetrate a prospects' consciousness. Unfortunately, due to high costs and longer lead times necessary for production, many local businesses that use Newspaper or Local TV simply cannot afford the necessary three times (3x) frequency which effective advertising demands — Unless they use Local Radio.
• Radio advertising on air
• High Volume Frequency Discounts
• Live Remotes & Talent appearances
• Custom promotions & contests
• Personality endorsements & voices
• Weather, News, and Sports updates
• Community and charity tie-ins
• Concerts and Event marketing
• Online station website advertising
• Email database marketing
• Texting, coupons & mobile media
• Social media integration (FaceBook)
• Business Reputation Management
• Website Development and Re-Launch
• Online Marketing, including AdWords™ Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns

Radio is the affordable media choice, delivering frequency and targeted reach. Over the past decade radio advertising costs in the San Angelo market grew very little, and much more slowly, than competing media. In San Angelo, Radio has consistently remained the business owner's first choice for cost effectiveness.
  •   Newspaper ad rates continue to escalate, even as printed circulation has declined. The Online newspaper subscription business model has reduced their web traffic to a trickle.
  •   Local Broadcast Television ad rates are way up, even as consumers TV viewing habits have become more fragmented across hundreds of cable video viewing choices (not to mention TiVo zapping). With basic satellite services (Dish and Direct TV), local network affiliate TV stations are either an extra cost package, or simply unavailable.
  •   Yellow Pages business model has lost almost all effectiveness ever since smartphones and Google Search. Who carries a phone book around, really?

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Already Have a Business Website?

Use Radio Advertising to Drive Visitor Traffic to your business Online — But Make Sure you have a TRACKABLE Online Offer or Call to Action to complete the sales circuit! Contact SanAngeloRadio for details on this New Media strategy.

Tips for Negotiating Deals on Radio Advertising Rates
Co-op Advertising
The first rule of thumb to save money on radio advertising is to plan early and negotiate a long-term 13-week, 26-week, or yearly agreement. San Angelo Radio provides rate discounts and/or value added options for local business clients who commit to purchasing a designated amount of advertising in advance.

Another good strategy is to buy Run of Station (ROS) commercials — If you don't require "Specified Times" when your radio ads will be broadcast, then ROS commercials are definately the way to go. Otherwise known as 'rotator' spots, these lower-priced commercials run in a broader window of airtime throughout the day. Although there are usually no guarantees of exactly when when your commercial will air, depending on a radio station's available inventory, your ads could very well be broadcast in key drive times for much less than 'specified time' ads.

The best way to buy Radio Advertising is with OPM (other people's money). Co-op advertising funds are often provided by a manufacturer whose products the local retailer sells. A particular brand may reimburse a percentage of the local retail store's advertising costs, provided that the retailer's radio commercial mentions the brand and/or slogan a designated amount of times.

Speak with our Radio Advertising and Interactive Marketing Professional to find out more about how using Co-op Advertising funds can help lower your business's overall ad costs.
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