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The first Radio Station in San Angelo, Texas went on the air in 1927, while the first machine sliced bread was sold in 1928 in Chillicothe, Missouri.

So, if you think about it, that makes "Sliced Bread the greatest thing since San Angelo Radio."
Radiolisteners have a unique relationship with Radio as a medium.

That relationship is more emotionally connected than for either newspapers or the Internet. And this relationship is much more personal than for Television, Newspaper, or the Internet. This suggests that Radio provides a pathway to the consumerís mind that can provide better emotional connections to brands and products when the advertising is designed and placed properly.

Radio affects listeners at a very individual and emotional level.

Consumers perceive that Radio advertising is more personally relevant to them than ads in Newspaper, on Television, or the Internet, in part, it's believed, because Radio ads are usually targeted to the demographics of particular stations. That sets up a unique advertising environment in which Radio listeners actually expect ads to be more interesting to them. Also, studies have shown that Radio ads are better accepted by listeners than are ads on television or the Internet, which implies a more positive environment for advertisers.

Radio listeners are especially receptive to advertising.

Radio fosters a deeper, more personal, emotional connection with Listeners (as media consumers) versus Newspapers, Television, and the Internet, as reported by large percentage of Radio Listeners. Research shows that Radio listeners have a low level of ad avoidance, staying tuned-in through commercial breaks. Radio ads are better tolerated by listeners than are ads on Television, in Newspapers, or on the Internet, which implies Radio is a more positive environment for advertisers.
  San Angelo Radio Quick Facts     Traditional AM/FM Radio still owns the automobile dashboard.  
  • Despite an ever increasing variety of available media options, Radio reaches an impressive 92% of all Americans, age 12 or older, every week.
  • Radio listeners, age 12 or older, spend an average of two hours per weekday and almost four hours per weekend, listening to Local Radio.
  • Almost ¾ of all Americans, age 18+, Listen to Radio weekly during the Morning hours of 6AM and 10AM
  • Radio is perceived as a credibile source for information. A consistant 90% of Radio Listeners express an overall favorable response to products or services in Radio Advertising
  • Radio is an active, call-to-action, advertising medium that's capable of stirring emotion, creating demand and selling products and services
  • Radio can drive Internet traffic to websites. Up to 1/3 of Internet usage time includes simultaneous Radio listening, while 20% of Adults surveyed have initiated an online search based on Radio Advertising.
If you think Satellite Radio has beaten Local Broadcast Radio, then you would be what the Experts call --- WRONG!!!The FACTS are, that 96% of people who have driven or ridden in a car in the past month report using their regular FM/AM car radio to listen to Local Broadcast Radio.

WestTexans are in their cars an average of more than 15 hours per week, while "in-car" Broadcast Radio listening averages 2 hours and 12 minutes weekdays, and 2 hours and five minutes weekends. Since almost half of consumers say they have responded directly as a result of hearing a radio commercial, wouldn't YOUR BUSINESS benefit from talking directly with customers over the last advertising medium used by most consumers within 1/2-hour prior to shopping?
Checkout this cool INFOGRAPHIC from a 2011 Ad Age report on Results of an Extensive Survey profiling consumer Media Use by Media Type, Generations, and Daypart.

Now, admittedly the Data Set used to construct the INFOGRAPHIC on your right is from Two Years ago. But other studies have been published over the years with results that are relatively consistent with the 2011 Survey reported by Ad Age.

What the INFOGRAPHIC clearly shows is the dominance of Local Broadcast Radio (AM/FM) across Media Types, Generations, and Dayparts. While over the years other Surveys have published relatively consistent statistical results, none have presented their data in such an attractive and 'easy to view' manner. 

If you would like to see a full copy of the INFOGRAPHIC, Contact Us at SanAngeloRadio
Trust SanAngeloRadio for a Variety of Integrated Media Marketing Solutions

• Radio advertising on air
• Online station website advertising
• Live remotes & Talent appearances
• Custom promotions & contests
• Personalities, endorsements & voices
• Traffic, news & sports updates
• Community & charity tie-ins
• Concerts & Event marketing
• Radio advertising on air
• High Volume Discount deals
• Email database marketing
• Texting, coupons & mobile media
• Social media integration (FaceBook)
• Business Reputation Management
• Website Development & Re-Launch
• Online Marketing, including AdWords™ Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns
San Angelo Radio Advertising Rates

Many factors, such as Commercial Length (ie: 30 seconds vs. 60 seconds), and Actual Time of Broadcast (daypart), combine to determine Radio Advertising Rates and Ad Prices. In San Angelo, Radio Advertising can be the most effective, and economical, method of attracting customers to your business. Many San Angelo advertisers appreciate San Angelo Radio's ability to target an audience and offer enough repetition, at attractive rates, to make local radio broadcasting a very effective advertising medium.

Advertising rates are typically quoted for each 30 second or 60 second spot ad, broadcast one time. Sometimes special "package rates" are available. Seasonal factors, drive-time only ads, and volume discounts can also affect pricing. Contact San Angelo Radio to discuss your business advertising needs with a Professional Radio Advertising Representative who can then provide you with an exact quote on radio advertising and current rates.
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