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 As of 2012, there were 113,281 people living in Tom Green County, with more than 35,289 families estimated to reside in the city of San Angelo.
Other key statistical data for then San Angelo, Texas area includes:
  • The median age is 33 years.
  • Median household income is $32,232.
  • Median family income is $38,665.
  • Per capita income is $22,249.
  • Retail sales per capita is $16,697
  • Mean travel time to work for workers (age 16yrs and over) is 22 minutes.
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San Angelo, Texas began as a frontier suttler's village located across the river from the US Army's 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) post of Fort Concho, which was established in 1867. Early growth came from settlers moving West and Cattle Trails, such as the Goodnight-Loving, following along the Concho and Colorado Rivers. By 1883, San Angelo was the county seat of Tom Green County.

Growth accelerated after the first railroad arrived in 1888. Eventually, a total of three railroads connected San Angelo to the rest of the country, facilitating the trade of local goods, cattle, wool, and mohair. By 1903, San Angelo was the largest range cattle-shipping station in the United Statesand, by 1919, San Angelo became the largest market for wool and mohair in the nation. The genesis of the 20th Century's West Texas Oil Boom began along San Angelo's Orient Railway line into neighboring Regan County when, on May 28th, 1923, the Santa Rita No. 1 produced a gusher of epic proportions.

Downtown San Angelo features many historic buildings, including the fourth luxury hotel built by Conrad Hilton. Completed in 1929, the fourteen story Cactus Hotel, remains a dominant feature of the skyline of this central West Texas city.
San Angelo on Radio in Popular Music

San Angelo poster featuring Marty Robbins - Listen to "San Angelo" on YouTubeFamed Country Music superstar, Marty Robbins, wrote and performed the song "San Angelo" that was featured in both, the 1960 record album "More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs," and the 1964 movie, "Ballad of a Gunfighter."
The Texas Troubador, Ernest Tubb began his singing career by playing in and around San Angelo and Central West Texas. Tubb wrote and recorded the song "Swell San Angelo" in 1940. The song was later featured in Ernest Tubb's 1947 film "Hollywood Barn Dance."
The San Angelo, Texas radio dial is active with several quality Radio Stations. A quick tune across either the AM or FM radio dial shows that the average San Angelo, Texas radio listener has access to wide variety of choices of radio signals. Radio Stations in the San Angelo area have been broadcasting music, news, weather, and business information to the people of West Texas ever since 1927. San Angelo has a rich heritage of radio broadcasting that listeners and advertisers alike have long enjoyed.
San Angelo is one of the Texas cities listed in the popular Western swing song "I've Got Texas In My Soul," made famous by Jack "Tex" Williams and his Western Caravan band. San Angelo is also the very first city mentioned in the Hank Williams, Jr. song "Texas Women." Country Music Hall of Fame and multiple Grammy Award Listen to Aaron Watons song "San Angelo" on Youtubewinning artist, Roger Miller, had a popular hit record, with a Dennis Linde penned song, entitled "Tom Green County Fair" on his "1970" album.

Country music artist Aaron Watson, who regularly plays at venues in and around town, had a big hit single named "San Angelo" on his album of the same name.

San Angelo ranks as the 262nd Largest Media Market in the United States. At just under 100,000 persons, San Angelo is the smallest Media Market in Texas that is Accredited by the Media Rating Council ® (MRC). According to Nielsen Research, more than 86% of consumers (age 12 or older) tune in to Local Broadcast radio stations during the week, spending more than 15 hours of their media time with radio, the original mass medium. This means almost 86,000 persons 12+ listen to a local San Angelo Radio station every week. The Median Age in San Angelo is 33 years, while the Median Age of all Radio Listeners in this Market tends to skew a bit older (36.7 years). From an age perspective, more than 60% (or more than 52,000) are between the ages of 18 and 54, the ages most advertisers seek to reach.
Small Market Radio Listening Demographics Chart

Contact Us at San Angelo Radio to discuss your business advertising needs with a highly experienced Professional Radio Advertising Representative who will provide you with all the relevent data and an exact quote on radio advertising and current rates. When it comes to advertising and marketing, we won't “Sell You.” We would rather help you to make an informed and educated choice. It's just how we do things.
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